Out of Options by Sharon V. Agar

Sharon V.Agar

It seems like the perfect holiday spot until it isn’t. The tiny Caribbean island of St. Anne has been a paradise for vacationers for a long time, and all is well when three unsuspecting New York professionals make their way over for some underwater adventure, relaxing sunshine, and maybe a bit of tropical romance.

However, Eve McFarland, Julian Carteret, and Eddie Bell soon find out that these seemingly calm and still waters can run deadly. All thoughts of a relaxing vacation disappear when Julian has a brush with death and local law enforcement turns their suspicions on Eve. A swift return home to their prestigious jobs turns out not to be the return to normalcy they expect: in fact, their troubles have just begun.

Everything can be traced back to the failed acquisition of a New Jersey research company called Sherbourne Inc. Eve and Julian unexpectedly learn that someone within Sherbourne is also digging for information. Between them they uncover signs of stock manipulation, real estate fraud, and toxic waste dumping. But the master manipulator does not want the truth to be uncovered...and will go to great lengths to conceal it.

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David M. Darst

Author, Educator, and former Chief Investment Strategist, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

“With dazzling realism, chess-like intricacy, witty dialogue, wry humor, and profound emotional insight, in Out of Options Sharon Agar marvelously and suspensefully fashions a skein of mystery, drama, romance, and corporate behavior that will not let go of you, long after you’ve turned the final page.”

Norb Vonnegut

NYT-acclaimed author of The Trust

“Sharon Agar is a delicious writer with a gift for the utterly hypnotic twists and turns that put your day on hold. Out of Options is intelligent and propulsive—a suspenseful, sometimes funny novel about New York professionals slogging through the unexpected.”

Richard P. Johnson

Vice Chairman of Mergers & Acquisitions, Merrill Lynch (retired)

"Out of Options is the kind of book that John Grisham would have written if he had been a banker instead of a lawyer."

Dr. E.M.

"Wow! Don't remember when I've last slept, or worked, for that matter. Yesterday because of Out of Options I left a conference in the middle (had the Kindle with me but felt too embarrassed to read under the table). I was impatient to know what happens at the end, now I'm sorry it's over."

"Sharon Agar has given us a thriller that keeps us wanting to know more as each page is turned. The characters she has given us are very realistic, particularly given the setting as NYC. Ms. Agar balances the intricacies of a very detailed plot with the fine details of character development. As the story evolves, so do the characters’ personalities, in such a way that we are hoping for a particular ending even though in our hearts we know that it cannot be so. Ms. Agar is true to the end."

"A terrific read! Agar has the knack of deftly rendering a character with just a phrase, the way a sculptor can reveal the essence of an emerging statue just by removing a small bit of stone. And she is witty to boot! The plot is full of unexpected twists and turns. I'm an avid mystery reader and I usually can predict the ending before I get there. Not this one! I also learned a lot about the financial world along the way. I can't wait for her next book!"