About Sharon V. Agar

Sharon V.Agar

Hello. This is Sharon Agar, retired investment banker and businessperson, writer, amateur singer, and puzzle-lover.

Out of Options is my first business thriller. It draws on some of the professional experiences I have had in a broad range of industries, and a few of the quirky people I’ve met along the way. The characters in the book aren’t real people—but they could be. I’ve worked with many individuals like them. Many of the anecdotes in the book are true, and a number of people I’ve known in the business world have in fact ended up in jail. I don’t think any of them is a killer…but really, who knows?

All You Need Is Lung comes from a very different place. Ten years ago my life was up-ended by a diagnosis of lung fibrosis: a brutal disease, average life-expectancy five years. The miracle of my survival through lung transplantation, the people I encountered on my journey, and the extraordinary things I learned—both about transplants and about life—became the core of All You Need Is Lung. Here again the characters are fictional, but several have real-life counterparts, and many of the events actually happened to me in the course of my transplants.

My goal with all my writing is not just to tell a story (though I do love a good story!) but to create a true-to-life situation, and invite my readers to come along with me.